Why Choose Danai Roussos to be your Personal Stylist

by Danai (other articles by Danai)

Why Shop with me?

I have been working as a personal stylist for many years. In that time I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with so many amazing people.  My clients have made me the personal stylist that I am today. It’s only through working with so many men and women have I been able to learn about all the components that work in partnership with style, such as personality, lifestyle, budget, and most importantly the ideas around how an individual, you actually see yourself.

Any personal stylists worth their title will be able to educate you on your body shape and what clothes are in fashion this season…..Is that enough though?

My answer is no!

I can put a client in an outfit that ticks all the body shape boxes so to speak, but if it doesn’t suit their personality, lifestyle, budget and sense of self, essentially they’re are back to square one.  This is where I feel that my knowledge comes into play. Through the packages that we have put together we have developed a method that allows us to connect with a person and really deliver on what their style requirements are….even if they’re not quite sure.

I’m certain that most people who are looking to hire a personal stylist are doing so out of a sense that they’re stuck in a bit of a style rut. I’m also sure that most of us are busy people and will be happy with just going to a shop for a few hours to get some sorely needed items. That being said I think it’s a really brave step to embark on the process of engaging a stylist and you should open yourself up to the whole experience. The best way  of achieving this is a wardrobe cleanses and shop. The amount of times I have done a wardrobe cull and created outfits for people that they didn’t know existed is astounding. It’s also meant that I have; in some cases shortened or extended their shopping. In essence the best advice I can offer is to go with the personal stylist that inspires the most confidence and trust and above all else your experience should be as fun as it is informative.