About Danai Roussos

DanaiMy background is a combination of the Arts (creative) and Business. I have equipped myself with an Arts Degree (double major in Communications and Anthropology). To compliment this, I've completed a Diploma of Business Marketing. In addition to my formal education, I also trained as a personal stylist and have subsequently worked as a stylist for over 4 years. I have worked in the fashion and retail industry for over a decade in many capacities. These have ranged from managing, visual merchandising, wardrobe for television and runway shows and, of course, personal styling.

It is my belief that everyone should look and feel great by dressing well. It’s also clear that how you present yourself to the outside world can be an instrumental part of your success and is intrinsically linked to your self-esteem. As a personal stylist, I have worked with so many clients to build an overall image based on your their lifestyle, body shape and personality. It is my absolute priority to build you a functional and stylish wardrobe based on your individual needs.

The most comprehensive service I can provide you with is a wardrobe cleanse and a shop. It is my strong belief that I don't entirely know what direction you're going in if I don't know where you've been. 

Packages with Danai

  1. Coffee Consult . You will have cleansed your wardrobe and will be bringing along with you items of clothing you like but have nothing to wear with: 2hr Shopping Expedition

  2. 1hr Skype Wardrobe Cleanse: 2hr or 3hr Shopping Expedition

  3. 2hr Wardrobe Cleanse in your home plus 2hr or 3hr Shopping Expedition

  4. 1/2hr introductory Consult plus 2hr Wardrobe Cleanse plus 2 x 2hr Shopping Expeditions (winter and summer)