We have decided to break this section into projects. The reason for this is because knowing where to start once you engage a personal fashion stylist, will be of the most benefit to you. When you read through the detail of the projects, you will find that one or more will most likely resonate with you. We are then able to base our discussions around the projects that suit you best.

Below, I have also listed the 5 most popular questions asked by clients. Rest assured, if they are issues for you they will be answered prior to your consultation form being completed.

1] Which Stylist should I choose and which one is the best for me?

2] Should I be doing a wardrobe cleanse before my shop and what are the     benefits?

3] How do I best dress for my age, lifestyle, budget and body shape?

4] How do I update my fashion look/style but still feel age appropriate?

5] Is my clothing budget sufficient?

 With all that in mind, happy reading.

The Preggy Belly Project

Shopping when you’re pregnant can be a little tricky. This shop is designed to take the stress out of it. Having just had a baby myself, this is shopping territory I have covered very well over the last few years. I will take you on a guided tour of all my go to stores for all your maternity needs.

The Modern Mother Project

It’s really important to focus in on still looking and feeling good when you’re a mother. It really doesn’t have to be difficult. This shop is designed to deliver you a full proof wardrobe that’s not fussy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Just go-to pieces in your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched at any time. You would be amazed at how many requests I’ve had for outfits regarding school pickups and mothers’ group. The most common phrase used is, “all the other mothers look so glamorous...” You can too. 

Project - Casual a.k.a. can you please get me jeans that fit!!

The casual component of most people’s wardrobes is often the most difficult. Especially, if you’re working full time in a corporate environment or one where you wear a uniform. It’s also an area where people, oddly enough, feel overdressed if they’re not in their trackydacks. This shop is designed to give you a balance between comfort and elegance.

Project - Corporate Attire

In today’s day and age, the corporate wardrobe has evolved beyond suits, dresses and ties. Some may need to get into the headspace of dressing for yourself as well as for your job. Many sectors require the suit, tie, dress look. However, corporate roles in more creative disciplines such as marketing, communications, P.R. and retail require a polished but individual approach to shopping. This shop will ensure that you cover off every occasion your business industry calls for.

Project - Formal

I love a good party. Who doesn’t?

To a lot of people, the opportunity to shop for an after 5 or formal outfit is perceived as limiting. It really doesn’t have to be. You can buy a formal outfit and work it to extend way beyond just one function. This shopping experience is designed to get you what you need for that special occasion but also to educate you on the possibilities beyond just that one special event or party.

Project - Bridal

This is for the very up-to-date bride who largely wants her special day and dress to be a surprise to all of her friends and family.

Coloured clothingProject - I need everything!

Project - I need everything is designed to incorporate everything and anything you think you may need. This is a 3 hour shop which encompasses all of your personal styling needs.

The Teen Online Style Project

I’m often asked if I will shop with clients’ children. This made me think of a way that I could help educate younger people on the merits of dressing for their body shape to inspire their confidence and help them to select reliable sites and stores to do their shopping. It was also an excellent opportunity for parents to trade in stressful shopping trips and costly fashion mistakes for a time-saving streamlined approach to their child’s wardrobe.  Irrespective of where you are in the world, we can organize a Skype consultation to give your child an insight into their style and hopefully a chance to put them on the right track.

The Man Project

This is a great project  for men to embark on if you really don't know what to wear. The most common issues around putting a wardrobe together for men is where to start and how to get everything they need in as little time as possible.

Wardrobe Cleanse: Messy ClothingThe Wardrobe Cleanse Project

This Project is self explanatory. This is your opportunity to get rid of all of the items in your wardrobe that no longer work for a whole host of reasons. It is also an opportunity to put your remaining items into complete outfits. The wardrobe cleanse provides you and I with the opportunity to identify all the gaps you have in your wardrobe.