I have had the pleasure of shopping with Danai three times and she has consistently impressed me with her style, intelligence, interpersonal skills and product knowledge. On all three sessions Danai has exceeded my expectations. She quickly identified my own style and took me to stores that suited me. She also encouraged me to explore new styles and I love the fact that I now wear belts and high heels – two fashion items I have avoided for 40+ years because I thought they would not suit me. She has also introduced me to new brands, new stores, new colours and new accessories. Although she has encouraged me to extend my style, Danai listens respectfully and has not pushed me to buy anything I don’t absolutely love. She uses time wisely and efficiently and in 2 hours I end up with better clothes and better discounts than if I shopped on my own for 10 hours. Anytime I wear an outfit that Danai picked out for me I am guaranteed of receiving many compliments. I warmly invite you all to enjoy your time shopping with Danai.

Thanks Lea.



Hi Danai,

I’ve just stepped off the plane from Italy, and I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting my wardrobe sorted before I left. I’m so glad you suggested that we do a wardrobe cleanse – it was the best thing we have done yet! It was fantastic using some of my old favourites, but in a new way. I can’t believe how many ensembles I had in my wardrobe that I didn’t even know were there! I now have a better idea on how to put together outfits, instead of just pulling on clothes. Packing to go away was a breeze and, when I was there, I felt as stylish as the Italians!

Having seen other stylists and come away feeling overwhelmed, under confident and insecure about my figure, I’m so glad I found you. We’ve had fantastic shops together and each time I come away I can’t wait to show off my new clothes. I was telling some of the girls at work about you and they couldn’t believe I shopped with a stylist because, “You always look fantastic!” I had to tell them that it was only because of you, Danai, that I'm no longer a fashion nightmare. Even my husband has commented on my new “look” and I have never felt better. Thanks Danai, I can’t wait for our next shop!




We've engaged Danai's services over that last two years to help craft the right look for our food and lifestyle series, Yes Chef, A Taste of Travel and It's a Lifestyle, which are broadcast nationally on Network Ten. We choose to work with Danai as she is well connected to a broad range of brands and designer labels, and because she has an astute ability to create a style that both reflects the personality of our hosts and the overriding style of our shows. Working with Danai is always pleasure, her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.


Nicole Frisena
Producer Creative Media